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This is a practical simulation which is designed to introduce several basic concepts of the Lean and the Toyota Production System.


Starting with a non-lean process, the simulation is used to demonstrate how simple changes in batch size, flow, visual control and other small improvements can make a significant change to how a process performs.


Although based on a process in a college environment, the simulation can be used as a Lean training game in most office or service based organizations as it is generic enough for the participants to still gain the maximum learning about principles of Lean and Six Sigma.


Also included is an extended version of the game which allows the participants to be introduced to the Process Mapping toolset.

The additional files are included for a second exercise building upon the initial enrolment game simulation.  During this second exercise, participants are asked to map the initial start condition of the enrolment game and are them challenged to explore the Valued Added and Non Value Added steps within the process.  Participants are them challeged to come up with the ideal future state.


The Enrolment game simulation is totally scalable can be used for group sizes of between 9 and 15 per simulation.

Up to 3 simulations can be run simultaneously  bringing the number of participants to a maximium of 45.


Resources Include


•    Enrolment game - Facilitators Guide (PDF)

•    Enrolment game introduction slides (PowerPoint)

•    Process mapping introduction slides (PowerPoint)

•    All the required forms (Excel)

•    Standard work instructions for the participants (PowerPoint)


It includes a Facilitators guide and fully editable,  PowerPoint  and Excel (2007) versions of the presentations and supporting files.


A Lean Simulation group training exercise

If you are interested in purchasing this simulation, please contact Mentor Masters:  


If you are interested in purchasing this simulation, please contact Mentor Masters:


Tel:         07913 861527

Email:    [email protected]

The Enrolment Game