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Lean Sigma Consulttants that care

Lean Sigma Consultant

Lean Six Sigma Consultants that train, coach and mentor businesses through the cultural change process

Mentor Masters are experts in the training coaching and mentoring businesses and organisations in Lean and Lean six Sigma

Our Lean Sigma consultants will giude you through the process stage by stage, ensuring that Lean Sigma will work for your business.

Our Lean Sigma Consultants will explain the process.


Lean Sigma consulting, training mentoring and support


Consultants that Drive Change

Our consultants are experts in supporting organisations in the deployment of its proven Business Improvement Model and are well positioned to support organisations though its implementation.

House of Lean

Our Business Improvement Model has Lean Sigma as its base, but builds upon the core principles of both Lean and Six Sigma to allow the entire business to engage though structured cultural change.


Lean Sigma is both a philosophy and a series of tools and techniques designed to identify and eliminate waste from business processes in order to create more value for customers using ever fewer resources.


The focus of Lean is to eliminate waste along entire value streams; whilst Six Sigma focuses on improving quality through eliminating and controlling variation.


Using both Lean and Six Sigma together in a structured manner produced a very powerful toolkit that allows businesses to improve at a rapid rate.


Let our Lean Sigma consultants explain to you exactly what can be achieved by implementing Lean Sigma in your business.



Why not let one of our Lean Sigma consultants visit you for a free diagnostic and discuss how we could do to help you and your business move to the next level and beyond ?

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Consultants that drive change