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By Barry Jeffrey, Oct 28 2014 10:02AM

More than ever it is becoming important for the public sector to achieve bottom line savings by implementing process efficiency savings. Manufacturing organisations have been doing this for many years and still in many cases struggle to survive.

In manufacturing; a 'process' is often relatively simple to understand. Raw materials or components that pass through a number of processes or transformation stages that result in an end product which is ultimately sold to an end customer.

In the public sector, processes are less clear and not so easy to define in specific terms. Staff are still all engaged within a process, but often the start and end points of the process and the various transformation stages and difficult to see. However by using some of the techniques that Lean Sigma has to offer, it is possible to clarify the steps within these processes making them less difficult to understand. Tools like process mapping and spaghetti charts help simplify the complexity, so, like manufacturing; it is possible to identify customers, suppliers, inputs and outputs as well as the steps within each process.

Clearly Lean Sigma cannot be simply transplanted from the manufacturing arena into the public sector, but, consultants and industry experts have started to understand that utilising a sensible methodology it is possible to integrate Lean sigma coupled with a flexible change management programme will yield the most effective results.

Much of the power of Lean Sigma is the effect of cultural change it has on the organisation. Engaging staff and managers at all levels will achieve significant sustainable savings and a ‘can do’ feeling.

On balance, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our Public Services to take advantage of the future financial storm and look to create an opportunity for transformation.

As in the manufacturing world, why not give your people the chance can take you there.

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